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Best of TrustedPros for 2019

Best of TrustedPros - Recognizing the best Ottawa companies of 2019

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360renos for the 8th time has been selected for ‘Best of TrustedPros’ for 2019.

The ‘Best of TrustedPros’ award is only given to members who have received the most reviews with the highest ratings and fewest complaints from their clients, suppliers, and employees within a specific category for 2019 while maintaining a positive Trustscore.

The dedication, transparency and hard work of the 360renos team and trade partners has allowed Ottawa homeowners to trust us with their home renovation projects.

Projects such as bathroom and kitchens, tiling, flooring, cabinetry and general contracting are areas 360renos has been awarded 'Best of TrustedPros'



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360renos Home Renovation, Improvement and Decor

Best of Trusted Pros
        11  Time Winner!

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