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How we get you a Project Quote Price and Frequently Asked Questions by Home Owners

360renos Ottawa Owner

Talk to Us

A conversation, either on the telephone or by email, will give us a chance to get a sense of your needs and desires for your project.

You will be able to get a better sense of what we do and how we do it. We can also discuss budget and time frame before we meet in person.  At this point, we can set up an appointment for a home visit.  This can be a day appointment as early as you wish but not past 3pm or on week-ends.

Visiting you in your Home  

During the home visit, we will further discuss your project and your wish list.  Knowing the budget range is helpful at this point.  At this time, we will take measurements and pictures. Review mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

The Estimate

Initially we will provide a price range for your project to ensure it meets your expectations for your budget.

The Quote and Intent to Hire Retainer

To complete a project description and quote we do require a commitment from you, our new client.  We require a payment for the Intent to Hire Retainer.  For most projects this is $75 - $150. This is not only a way to say that you are committed to us, it also allows us to be fully committed to you. 


We will provide a detailed project description of the work to be completed, drawings as necessary and a firm price quote.  Our goal is to now be at the point where we can say, This is what we can do and this is how much it is going to cost. 


We can complete design changes, revise the project tasks, finalize the timeline required to complete the project. Schedule in any required sub-trades such as electricians and plumber.

Once the project description and quote is completed there is no commitment on the part of the home owner.  You can walk away, get other quotes, ask us any questions. 

If the prospective client chooses to not pursue signing a Renovation Contract for this project, for any reason, the Intent to Hire retainer is not refunded and is used by 360renos Inc to pay for the project design and revised change costs.

Now we are ready to choose materials, complete any reworking of the design and ideas.

Material Selection

Most projects the cost of the major materials is paid for by 360renos as we can get discounts from our suppliers that we pass along to you. 

With some projects the fixtures like lighting, faucets and door knobs can be left off the quote and purchased separately by the home owner.  Alternately the home owner can let us know the style, model number and color they would like, and we can purchase it for them.

We have a great many suppliers that we deal with and we can supply ‘a recommended stores’ to shop at list for you. Each materials choice could reflect a price change, up or down in the quote price.  The home owner will be made aware how each choice affects the final numbers.

Renovation Contract Signing

With all decisions in place and final materials selection made, a detailed contract is created.  A meeting to sign the contract is set with clearly defined payment schedule.  The contract will be fully reviewed by both parties and signed by both.  A deposit cheque will be required at time of signing and is generally 15% of the total project price. A ten-day waiting period is required, by law, for a consumer to reconsider the contract. Everything stated on the contract will be considered final unless clearly stated on the contract.

Meetings Subsequent to Contract Signing 

Sometimes details are not fully resolved at the time of the contract signing. Selections of cabinet pulls, light fixtures and paint colours are often decisions made after the contract signing.

Job Start and Process

This varies greatly by the scope of each job. Once a quote is submitted to the homeowner you will have a firm number of days the project should take and scheduled timelines when each step and phase of the project will occur.

At 8:00 the team arrives, sets up and starts the project. We generally work till 4:00pm but will ensure that all times we are meeting the timeline set out in the contract.

Yes, we warranty our work

All workmanship by 360renos and our materials are guaranteed for a 2-years.  We support all our supplier and product manufacturer warranties.  Any issue with any product supplied through the contract, give us a call. We do not support the warranties of home owner supplied materials.

Floor Tiling, Bathroom shower and Bathtub tiling - Warranty Program Summary

When we install Schluter®-DITRA /DITRA-XL, the Schluter®-Shower System, KERDI / KERDI-DS, DITRA-HEAT or DITRA-HEAT-DUO with one of our Schluter thin-set mortars, your tile installation maybe be eligible for lifetime warranty coverage

All Schluter ® -Systems products are covered under our warranty program.


What do we mean by system? These warranties touch on all the products we offer that are designed to be sold together to form a fully integrated system. Like our Schluter®-Shower System or electric floor warming systems.


Check out our warranty summary provided by Schluter where 10 year, 15 year and lifetime warranties are available


I’m looking forward to helping you complete your project!


Owner 360renos

Cell 613.282.2124

Some Frequently Asked Questions from our clients

Are you Licensed & Insured? 360renos is a licensed company and fully covered with liability insurance to work on your property. We provide copies of our certificates at the same time we submit a quote for your project.

WSIB Coverage? Yes, all of our employees and sub-trades have WSIB coverage.


What is a Clearance Certificate? Ensure the contractor working for you is registered with WSIB. To ensure the contractor is in good standing, you must ask the contractor for a WSIB Clearance Certificate. A clearance certificate is confirmation that an employer is registered and properly covered by WSIB.


Why Is a Clearance Certificate Number important? A clearance number proves that the business you have hired is properly covered by the WSIB. This means that the hiring party (you the home owner) is not liable for any unpaid premiums that the contractor/subcontractor should have paid to the WSIB.


How can you tell if a Clearance Certificate Number is valid? If you want to check on the status of a clearance number, visit the WSIB website and use our online clearance number service. You can enter the clearance number into the site, and the system will let you know whether or not it’s valid.


Are permits required? If the renovation is structural in nature or changes the design of the existing room such as removing a wall in the Kitchen or adding walls in the basement then, yes a City of Ottawa permit is required. 360renos schedules the inspections with the homeowner and Inspector if they so desire. The permit process is for the homeowners peace of mind that the Contractor has completed your project to today’s Ontario Building Code regulations. It ensures the health and safety of your home for your family and removes any future home buyer’s doubt of your property project being completed correctly and professionally.

Electrical & Plumbing and Gas? We use only professionally licensed electricians and plumbers that are certified.  A permit may be required and the subsequent inspection/approval process is followed. This is for safety and peace

Will the quoted project price change? No, the quotes are firm.  If the client wishes to make alterations or changes in mid-project then the cost may change.  Also, on some occasions when the walls, floors or ceiling are removed we may expose and see unforeseen mold, decay, or inefficiency in prior workmanship. We will then discuss with the homeowner before proceeding what is required to solve the issue and the cost if necessary. We do bring the current condition of the home up to today’s Ontario Building Code and Electrical Code where required.

Low VOC Paint? Our favourite, best performing paint is C2 LoVo paint from Randall’s. A premium, quality paint with a non-toxic, low volatile organic compound base.

Additional Questions? - Just call or e-mail me
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