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Ottawa Structural Kitchen Wall Removal and Structural I Beam Installation

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

An Ottawa homeowner couple wanted a structural wall removed between their kitchen and dining room to make an open, airy space between the two rooms. The project involved flipping the two spaces to allow for a much larger kitchen space.

The new I beam was 16' 4" long and was a exceptionally large due to the fact we had to support a 3 storey home. The 1890's area home had cinder block walls on the main and second floors which gave us the challenge of structural support post placement.

The beam was so long that we had to locate it in the home in two sections, weld the two sections together, then place it at ceiling height.

We selected a steel/iron I beam to have a small ceiling bulkhead and not impede on the airy space. If we had installed a wood LVL beam our bulkhead would have come down 16" from the ceiling. With the steel I beam we only came down 9".

We hired an engineering firm to complete our required drawings and notes which were then submitted to The City of Ottawa with an application for a building permit.


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