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Ottawa Structural Kitchen Wall Removed and LVL Beam Installed

Updated: May 29, 2021

An Ottawa homeowner couple wanted a structural wall removed between their kitchen and family room to make an open, airy space between the two rooms.

We had our engineering firm in to review the home and complete our required structural drawings and notes which were then submitted to The City of Ottawa with an application for a building permit.

The new LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beam was 17' 6" long and was made up of 3 layers or plys. We had to support a 2 storey home. The basement required a new HSS structural post with 1/2" steel plate on the concrete pad and slab floor for weight distribution. The steel plates, post and basement I beam were then welded together.

We had one less step on this project; we did not have to replace the existing post pad. This is typically required for this part of Ottawa as the soil can be very poor and not have enough weight bearing capacity. Our engineer inspected and tested the soil and pad and determined we were within the limits necessary for the soil bearing required.

Upon installation of our new beam we had the City of Ottawa inspector complete their on site visit of the new beam and post installation, our new HVAC runs and completion of the new kitchen island drain and venting rough-in plumbing.

Enjoy the progress pictures and stay tuned for the finished project of the beam completion, kitchen, family room and dining room renovation!

Please feel free to contact 360renos and see how we can help with your wall removal project.

Three weeks since project start and the framing, drywall, vinyl plank flooring and painting is completed!

Five weeks and our homeowners are set to move in and set up their new kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets completed in Chantilly Lace and island cabinets in Cracked Slate colors. Quartz counters are Rococo

With the wall removal, beam installation and new kitchen the homeowners have a much more enjoyable and functional space to for their family and entertaining.

360renos Team

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