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Structural Wall Removal - Ottawa

An Ottawa home owner couple wanted a wall removed between their kitchen and dining room to make an open, airy space between the two rooms. As part of the kitchen renovation project the structural wall was to be removed and any mechanical systems re-located.

We hired an engineering firm to complete our required drawings and notes which were then submitted to The City of Ottawa with an application for a building permit.

360renos removed the kitchen cabinets, flooring and drywall on the structural wall. Installed two temporary walls on either side of the structural wall while it was being removed.

We re-located two HVAC ducts for the second floor and re-routed the electrical to new locations. Then we installed an LVL structural beam with the necessary posts at each end

The engineering report called for a new tele-post almost directly beside the existing post and the reason for this was this home that was built in the 40's had an old train track rail as an I beam for support and the engineering team just could be certain if this old rail would hold the two stories of housing load. Our new tele-post was directly under main floor LVL post to ensure all weight was carried down to the footing. We opened the slab basement floor to install a new footing when we found a cast iron drain line exactly where our footing was required to be located. Our plumbing team re-routed the drain line and we were able to pour the footing. We installed a tele-post on the footing and we were able to fill in the hole with crushed stone and new cement.

Temporary walls removed, City of Ottawa Building Inspection completed of the new 13' LVL beam and end posts supporting the 2nd story of the home

Time for the team to start drywall mudding, painting then start the installation of the new kitchen cabinetry. We took the time to replacate the original arches in the openings to maintain the look of the new space with the remainder of the home.


360renos Inc.

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