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A fantastic article written by Tim of Tim E Moore Design Build on the importance of obtaining a building permit. Tim is a Consultant on designing and managing construction projects.

Everyday, hundreds of homeowners across Canada undergo renovations to their homes. Some are minor upgrades and others are complete guts and restructures that require Building Permits. HGTV superstars like Mike Holmes have been advocating for years the importance of obtaining a building permit before you start any renovation. In his words, “ Most homeowners leave the building permits up to their contractors. They figure the contractor will get one if the project requires one". Sorry folks, but that’s not always the case. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility.

This is why Tim E Moore Design Build wants to help educate homeowners and contractors alike in the city of Ottawa on the importance of obtaining a building permit to protect their biggest financial asset and educate them on the legal ramifications that can occur if a job is not completed to the current municipal building code standards.

Tim E Moore Design Build and 360 Renos is aimed at educating homeowners about the building permit process and also provide value to local contractors and construction companies by having an accountable partner like Tim E Moore in the construction industry who can fulfill the permit design and application duties on their behalf. This white glove service allows both homeowners and contractors to focus on what’s important to them…making their renovating dreams a reality while also ensuring the clients rights and safety are protected. “It’s a win-win for both the client and the contractor” says Tim.

For more information on how Tim E Moore Design Build can help your contracting business gain a competitive edge on the competition, contact 360renos today!

When your project requires a building permit 360renos relies on the experienced services of Tim E Moore Design Build.

Tim is BCIN certified which allowed him to complete all architectural plans for the building permit applications.



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