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My New Favourite Railing

"Imagine a handrail that solves problems instead of causing them. Brackets that instantly align with wall studs. Then lock in place with a simple twist and adjust to any slope. And then there's our articulating elbow. It makes corner connections, even sloped ones, simple and precise." - a quote from PromenAid

That is what this new handrail provides for home owners. A simple, cost effective solution handrail that is safe, secure and looks great! A handrail with no breaks, easy curves, a simple design and easy installation.

I was looking for a handrail for a senior home owner that meet the above criteria. I could get custom fabricated handrail but that was not in the budget. I heard about PromenAid and found they had the solution I was looking for.

You can order kits or individual components as you find necessary. 360renos is a home renovation company that is always on the look out for new and innovative products that make our projects easy and fit our home owners budgets.

PromenAid is our new go to railing company!

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