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Dustless Stipple Ceiling Removal

Yes, dustless!!

But maybe I should call it 'stipple coverage'

360renos has teamed up with Frank, a drywall contractor who 3 years ago completed his first project with the 360renos team; a 3000 sq foot home

Frank has over 30 years experience in plaster repairs, drywall coverage and plaster fabrication.

He has perfected the art of taking the dated, ugly stipple ceiling prevalant throughout Canada and creating a modern, flat ceiling. He skims coats the ceiling with a drywall compound mixture that covers over the stipple with out having to scrape it off the ceiling. Then a wet sand to smooth out the applied compound, a primer coat and a finish coat of ceiling paint and the results are a beautiful, flat ceiling. Frank uses this same process when installing compound on new drywall installations.

In the above picture there was originally a wall separating the two rooms with a typical doorway. The ceiling was completedly stippled and had old plaster crown moulding glued to the walls. We removed the wall and found that the ceiling drywall was at different heights on either side of the old wall location. We framed the new side walls and filled in where the ceiling was missing drywall and with Franks expertise he skim coated the ceiling and created a level ceiling. You can never tell the ceiling was at different heights!

Give 360renos a call for your next Dustless Ceiling Stipple Removal.


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