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Bathroom Project Tips for Sucess - Free Standing Bathtub

It is that time of year when 360renos will be requested to complete many bathroom renovation projects and one of the most popular items is a free standing or Island bathtub.

Here is some information courtesy of MAAX to help select the correct freestanding bathtub and faucet.

Freestanding bathtubs have become increasingly popular. At one time considered a luxury that was reserved for the rich and famous, these bathtubs are now more accessible than ever, with models available for all tastes and budgets. Modern and luxurious, freestanding bathtubs add impact to any bathroom decor, and with comfortable designs made to be appreciated at your leisure, they are also a great source of relaxation. If you’re thinking of embarking on this new bathroom trend, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding which freestanding bathtub to buy.

1) Available space in your bathroom

The first thing to consider before installing a freestanding bathtub is the amount of available space in your bathroom. Are you re-organizing the existing space? Or are you looking to replace your old bathtub?

Freestanding tubs are not necessarily as large as they once were; various sizes are now available on the market. If, for example, you have limited space to work with, you can get a smaller model that measures up to 60” in width, which will fit nicely in the space left by an older podium or alcove bathtub. Make sure the interior space of your freestanding bathtub is large enough to suit your needs – consider your height, your weight and your intended use for the bathtub.

2) Style of bathtub

Over the years, freestanding bathtubs have become available in a variety of styles. Choose the style that works best with the look and feel of your bathroom. Even in a tight space, a freestanding bathtub elevates the look of any bathroom.

Single backrest

A classic and traditional choice that includes one inclined end to support your back, while the other end is reserved for the faucet and drain.

Elevated single backrest

This style, similar to the single backrest, has an elevated backrest structure that offers additional comfort.

Double backrest

With the faucet and drain in the center of the bathtub side wall, both ends may be used as a backrest.

Elevated double backrest

Just like the double backrest style, both ends may be used as a backrest. For this style, however, the ends are elevated which provides additional space and maximum comfort.


Set upon a pedestal, this bathtub offers a modern and trendy look.

With feet

The feet of the bathtub offer a traditional and luxurious look.

Corner or wall-adjacent

Some freestanding bathtubs are designed to fit into a corner of the room or against a wall.

3) Type of freestanding tub

You have the choice between two types of models for your freestanding bath: a one-piece model or a two-piece model. One-piece models are, as the name indicates, made in only one piece. Two-piece models consist of a skirt and a tub that are inserted into one another to create the bathtub. The skirts are the more luxurious of the two pieces, and can offer a variety of options in terms of shapes. Two-piece bathtubs are generally easier to install and can usually accommodate faucets that are mounted on the edge of the bathtub. Also, if you would like to include a massage system in your bathtub, a two-piece model would be a better choice because very few one-piece models can incorporate this feature.

4) Manufacturing materials

The manufacturing materials impact the style, as well as the ease of installation and functionality, of your bathtub.

  • Acrylic: A light, scratch-resistant material that is easy to maintain and repair and offers a modern look.

  • Fiberglass: This fiberglass reinforced resin is flexible and light, easy to clean and easy to repair.

  • Solid surface: A mix of resin and pure acrylic creates a high-quality material (often available in a matte or glossy finish) that offers the look and durability of stone without the weight.

  • Cast iron: A heavy, robust and durable material that is difficult to scratch and easy to clean. However, once damaged, this material is difficult to repair. A cast iron bathtub creates an elegant, vintage look.

  • Copper and stainless steel: These chic and easy-to-maintain materials are both traditional and modern. Their heat conductive properties allow water to remain at the same temperature for longer.

  • Stone: A bold, modern and natural look for a heavy bathtub (consider the load carrying capabilities of your floor) that will last for a long time.

5) Shape of the model

Do you prefer an oval or rectangular bathtub? The shape of your bathtub needs to match the style of your bathroom in order to create a harmonious atmosphere. Bathtub shapes can be transitional, traditional or contemporary; the bathtubs below will provide you with a good idea of what each style has to offer.

6) The faucet

All that is left for you to consider is the type of faucet you would like to add to your bathtub. Whether it is on the edge of the bathtub, self-supporting (on the ground) or set into the wall, this is an important detail that should not be overlooked. The style of faucet you choose can really change the look of your bathtub and have a major impact on your bathing experience.

Faucet on the edge of the bathtub

The most affordable option, this type of faucet is easy to install and it makes plumbing easily accessible afterwards. However, this type of faucet may not be installed on one-piece models.


The most expensive option, this type of faucet takes up the most floor space in your bathroom, but also creates the most appealing look. It is possible to incorporate a surface for storage space that will integrate nicely with your bathroom decor.


An ideal choice when space is limited; however, the bathtub needs to be close to the wall to ensure the water stream will fall directly into the bathtub. This option is particularly convenient if the plumbing has already been installed in this location for an alcove or corner bathtub.

360renos can help with your next bathroom project. Give us call

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