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Although currently closed as mandated by the Ontario Government due to the COVID-19 outbreak, 360renos is available to Ottawa home owners to discuss your upcoming projects. Though we are not visiting residences we are discussing your project ideas by phone or email.

An estimated price range for your project is available after a discussion. Please feel free to contact us. 


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I created 360renos to allow me to do what I love, home repairs and renovation projects, custom construction & satisfying the customer.
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613.282.2124  e-mail: dbennett@360renos.ca

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When you buy a home, somewhere along the line you will be faced with the prospect of completing some home renovations. The good news however is there are many ways of accomplishing cost effective home renovations. 360renos services can help with the numerous projects that need to be tackled with creative remodeling solutions.

Let 360renos manage your next interior home renovation project with services such as permit applications, personal management, quality control , disposing/recycling of construction waste, monitoring schedules and cash flows, maintaining accurate records as construction progress.

Great ideas are intended to add more comfort in our homes & make our homes a true haven. Employing a professional however is a smart choice, holding a wealth of experience & knowledge, 360renos can add and even transform your ideas into something that you did not even conceive of. 

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